Uncommon Ground

10-12 Royal Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1AE I have never visited a place that is more true to its name. Uncommon Ground. The cafe is definitely exclusive, it is uncommon, it is unique. It roasts its own coffee ( how incredible is that?!) and it provides probably the most stylish environment for that much needed morning … More Uncommon Ground

The Stowaway

2 Penniless Cove Hill | Tenby Harbour, Tenby Sa70 7BZ, Wales L O C A T I O N The Stowaway is definitely one of a kind (even the address is just too cool). A tiny rounded opening with the brightest colours and the most enticing menus scrawled over the lengthy blackboards. Its not a shop, or a store or … More The Stowaway

About me.

Name: Holly Lloyd Age: 22 Place of birth: Cardiff, Wales Current location: Whitland, Wales Overview: From the age of 16 I started working in the legal industry. I tried my very hardest to get placements, work experience and advice. I had placements in solicitors specialising in anything from conveyancing to litigation. I loved it. I … More About me.

Contact Me

Hi & Welcome back to Hol & Coffee If you have any questions or are seeking any advise on related subjects & recent blog posts, please do not hesitate to get in touch. It will be my pleasure to assist you with anything you would like to know! Follow me on instagram: holandcoffee Follow me on … More Contact Me

Independent Coffee Creators. Bringing you Jones&Burke.

We hear everyday about the high chains and all the new products they are bringing out on the market, even when we don’t attend a cafe  we still get coffee that is usually from a mass supplier. WHY? its cheaper, good discounts and fulfillment is usually easier. Oh, and not forgetting the huge reputation that … More Independent Coffee Creators. Bringing you Jones&Burke.

The Mooring.

15 High St, Tenby SA70 7HD.   The Mooring: If you want an amazing cup of coffee when on holiday in Pembs, you’ve come to the right place! As I live in the area I visit this place a few times a month. Not famed as a coffee house, The Mooring is more of a … More The Mooring.

High Street Chains – What makes each different from one another?

Title: What makes high street coffee chains different from each other.Subtitle: what is the best coffee house. what is better starbucks or costa. Where to go for coffee in uk.  High street chains. Living in any city in the UK we can be sure that there is a coffee shop within a ten minute drive … More High Street Chains – What makes each different from one another?

Rabbies Cafe

6 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH1 3EG. Around 12pm I strolled into the cafe. Not so keen on the name ( I’ll let you work out why). I thought I would take a look, grab a coffee and a bite to eat. The cafe is situated in the New Town(Edinburgh, visit Edinburgh) in a period … More Rabbies Cafe