Rabbies Cafe

6 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH1 3EG.

Around 12pm I strolled into the cafe. Not so keen on the name ( I’ll let you work out why). I thought I would take a look, grab a coffee and a bite to eat. The cafe is situated in the New Town(Edinburgh, visit Edinburgh) in a period building. Pretty and sophisticated from the outside. As I was walking toward it, I chose it because the glass panelled door was wide open and I could see the Deli counter housing different sandwiches. I caught a flicker of the inviting silver coffee machine that makes me feel at home.


The counter was sprawled with different baguettes and bagels – a good selection if looking to meet friends for a social encounter. There was a quaint little area dedicated to Scottish Souvenirs which means you can shop while you wait! The place was beautifully decorated. High ceilings and unique lighting gave the cafe an upmarket feel. Plasma Tvs lined the wall showing pictures of Scotland’s most beautiful attractions(if you havent visited scotland you must do so already).

I have to mention the tables. They were uniquely covered in maps of the world, including a detailed, antique map of Scotland. For us tourists, I thought this was a clever touch. It brought a Scottish feel to the Cafe as well as creating a great talking point.

rabbies 4


I ordered a Mocha and a Flat white with a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel.

Lets start with the Flat White. It was served in a basic white china mug and saucer. The cup for my liking was a bit too small.  The coffee had spilt over the edge creating a pool of laying milk. Usually this wouldn’t bother me but as you may or may not know, Flat Whites are meant to be thick. Immediately, I knew the coffee was made incorrectly.  The smell was quite burnt and bitter and definitely not fresh. However, the coffee was decorated very nicely. The lovely design made me want to drink it!

The consistency was very watery. This watery consistency happens when the air bubbles haven’t been released from the milk. When the milk is heated too high or incorrectly the steam pushes too much air into the milk which prevents it from becoming a thick,dense milk like Flat Whites should have. You can see from the picture below the huge amount of air bubbles. I cannot take credit away where it is due. The coffee was decorated very nicely.

rabbies 5


B L E N D / R O A S T

The type of coffee was 100% Arabica ( location unknown). Arabica should create a rich, full bodied flavour. My coffee didn’t have that. I presume the roast was dark as the bitterness was quite strong. I presume the coffee was over-extracted from the burnt taste or they just hadnt cleaned the coffee machine in a while!


The coffee was weak and tasted quite bitter. I can’t establish whether the dark roast created an overly bitter flavour or whether the coffee had been burnt. The coffee did however, have tones of nuttiness which for me, was not so pleasant. I almost felt like the coffee was stale as if the machine hadn’t been cleaned for a good few days. The bitter after taste left me feeling a bit sick, almost like drinking slightly gone off milk.

rabbies 10.jpg


Usually I wouldn’t write a separate section for each coffee I ordered but I feel like they were so very different that I have to paint a fair picture. Ok, so originally not so different.

The mocha had to be sent back. 

The coffee tasted the same as the Flat White but with the tiniest amount of chocolate which left it tasting as if stale coffee had just been poured into the leftover milk in a bowl of coco pops. Straight away the staff apologised and made me a new one. This time more chocolatey and the coffee tasted perfect.

I couldn’t work it out but the mocha was tasty. It was thick with the perfect ratio of chocolate to coffee.  It smelled delicious and was decorated with a perfect little sprinkle of chocolate powder. It was served in the same china set as the Flat White but the mug was slightly bigger which I liked. I always like a Mocha mug to be slightly bigger as you need enough breathing room to get a good balance of coffee and chocolate. I was surprised that the two coffees tasted completely different. 

rabiies 3

Overall the coffee was not the best. Although the staff were friendly and the cafe in the centre of town(Edinburgh), for coffee, I would not return. However, if  I needed a quick bite to eat and a drink I would invite some friends along to this quirky Scottish cafe.

Edinburgh is such an amazing place to visit. If you live there already then, amazing. We stayed for around 5 days in a hotel right in the centre. There was so so much to do, both for entertaining purposes and for relaxation purposes. You can at the theatre one minute and climbing a dormant volcano at the next minute(arthurs seat) – all within a 15 minute walk from each other. It was in Edinburgh that i had the idea to write this coffee blog because the place was exciting and motivating!


Atmosphere:  3.5/5

Coffee: 2.5/5

Location:  5/5


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