About me.

Name: Holly Lloyd

Age: 22

Place of birth: Cardiff, Wales

Current location: Whitland, Wales

From the age of 16 I started working in the legal industry. I tried my very hardest to get placements, work experience and advice. I had placements in solicitors specialising in anything from conveyancing to litigation. I loved it. I graduated from high school with a A*, 7 A, B, C. I started studying law, psychology, Spanish, religious education andimg_0158 the Welsh baccalaureate in college. I graduated college with an A*, A, A, pass and a D.

I got accepted into the university of Bristol to study Law LLB. Deemed one of the best law schools I can remember the moment I found out I had been accepted. I studies there for nearly two years until I really that i really couldn’t do it anymore. Emotionally and physically draining I felt I had completely lost who I was. I felt I didn’t have time for anything except uni work. I had a house and a job to look after as well as working on my education for  the recommended 40 hours a week. I got to the point that if I carried on I wouldn’t have even been the same person.I quit my degree and moved back to Cardiff. Within a few weeks I was feeling helpless. Using my experience I had gained working as a private nanny in Bristol and a student teacher in my university I applied for a job in Swizterland. I got it a few days and moved out there a month later.

I started learning Italian, I changed my diet and I changed my lifestyle, I met new people, I was thrown into so many difficult situations but it was the best thing I did.

I returned just under 6 months later as the summer season was up.

Within a few days I had got a job working 9-5 in commercial insurance. I couldn’t stick to the routine and quit a few months later

I now sit here writing this in the process of starting up my first online business. My company is called Culture Greens and my products will include health supplements.

I have no idea about how I’m going to achieve where I want to go but I’m going to try. So for now, in amidst of all my research I’m taking time out to blog about my favourite thing – coffee.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do writing.


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