Coffee #1 – How coffee makes me feel.

Hol & Coffee (1).pngI’m currently sat in Coffee#1, it’s pouring with rain outside and the walk to get here was hard. The feeling knowing I’m about to reach the safe haven of the front door(the best). As soon as I step into the Cafe I feel better. How does coffee make you feel? Makes me feel good. It’s like a relief – I’ve made it to my destination.

Firstly, I want this post to be about coffee #1 but I also I want it  to be about how coffee makes you feel. I want it to be about the surroundings and not just the coffee itself. Personally it makes me feel warm, makes me happy and weirdly relaxed ( juxtaposition considering the caffeine content is so high). It’s true, I think everyone who drinks coffee has the same feelings as me.

Before I go into the go detail about the coffee I want to tell you WHY coffee appeals to me. First of all I’m tee total. For those who don’t know what that means ; I’m sober, I don’t drink alcohol and I haven’t drunk for 4 years. No deep routed reason I just don’t like it. So for me, I spend my entire life drinking soft drinks. From tea, coffee, soda, presses, squashes and water. I have had my fair share of bad drinks but I have always scuttled back to coffee.

Let me just say I’m not addicted. I often challenge myself and see how long I can go without drinking any coffee, sometimes I can do weeks at a time. There is one thing I will always stick to – nothing is ever too hard to give up. So those people who accept bad coffee and drink it because they ‘need the boost’ – NO. Don’t do it. Coffee is too good to accept a bad cup  just because the selection is low. Always make sure you have that chance to grab a good coffee; it really does you well.

Coffee also appeals to me because it’s social. You wouldn’t say to your friends ‘let’s go for a soda’ you say ‘let’s go for a coffee’. The phrase has coined on for a reason yes?  I love the feeling of meeting up with friends chatting over a soothing coffee or an iced cold frappe. You can literally chat for hours in a warm, inviting environment without spending a fortune. Say you have two coffees at £2.50 each and then a croissant at £1.95. That’s a whole ‘catch up’ for under a fiver. Come on?! Who can’t love doing that!

Anyway, back to the present. So I’ve just walked into Coffee 1. Already there are families with their prams and children with their babyccinos. There are pairs of women having their weekly catch up, gossiping away, letting the world go by. The staff behind the bar are happily chatting with the customers trying to charm them with compliments about who they remind them of. It’s sweet, it’s inviting and I can’t wait to find a seat by the window and let the world go by. Firstly, I walk past the food cabinet. It’s lined with sandwiches, panini’s, cakes, muffins, cheesecakes and croissants. I spot a Greek yoghurt and honey with granola being carried out from the bar. It looks good. I choose that.


I reach the point in line where it’s my turn to be served. I think to myself ‘I wonder what charm he’ll come out with’. He asks me how I am, asks me what I want, asks me if I want take out or sit and asks me if its raining outside. I’m thinking that’s his way of saying I look like a drown rat. Anyway, he stamps my card and thanks me for my order.

I order a caramel latte. Does that seem too boring? I don’t think so. It’s raining outside so I need something that’s going to keep me warm and give me a hug. It’s smells amazing.

Served in the large black mugs with the coffee #1 logo stamped on the side. As I’m writing this I wondering where the mugs are from. I check on the bottom – made in England. I like that. They remind me of the Denby mugs. So middle class, so expensive.

Sorry, I may get carried away, stay with me. So I choose my table. I decide to go upstairs and walk right over to the window. I sit down on an elegantly designed blue leather tub chair, the sort you find in your rich aunties house. So comfy. I have a view directly out of the window and a view of the whole of the cafe. I have the perfect seat. I notice there are inspirational quotes scrawled over the walls. I’m currently reading Antony Robbins‘ book Awaken the Giant Within and in that book he talks about the importance of words and how words can change your emotional state in a heartbeat. I really live by that so to see such inspirational and thought out quotes positively affects me.

acorn 2.pngI put my latte down on the petit wooden table jammed between the four tub chairs.  I pull out my iPad. I can already see that about four other people have their laptops out. Tapping away with the occasional sip of their coffee, ignoring the world. It’s great. Anyway, my iPad is out, I pick up my coffee take a sip.

Wow, they really do an amazing latte here. I chose the special Peruvian blend they have on right now. The blend is fruity, with hints of nut. It’s light but strong. The latte has the perfect texture and the caramel is the perfect amount. So the first sip is amazing. The second sip is better, it’s so warm so luxurious. 

Not forgetting my breakfast, that was nice too.

Each coffee #1 cafe I have been too has always been decorated so amazingly. It is decorated in different shades of green. Hues of olive, pastel green, turquoise and dark mahogany furniture features. In front of me stands a dormant fireplace with vintage pots of pans hanging from it. Surrounding the fire is a elderly looking brown fireplace with old plates and battered books scattering the top shelf. Two plant pots sits either side. As I look up, there hangs a thick mirror showcasing the huge metal light shade that hangs in front of it.  The Adventure of Tin Tin books sit on the top shelf located so very close to the ceiling. I don’t feel I am in the middle of a village I feel I am somewhere far away in a cosy little town looking to preserve memories.

I look to the left of me, there are so so many different types of chair. The messy look somehow flows because each item of furniture compliments the other.  The tables are miss matched, the colours of the leather shouldn’t look good, the old antique plates covering the walls, should not belong there, the inspirational quotes tiled along the walls should be tacky. But it’s not. It’s incredible. It’s homely. It’s classy.

I love this place.

Right,so to be able to actually judge the place on the coffee, it’s best not to have just one. I go down and order three different coffees. An espresso, a caramel dream frappe and a flat white. With the flat white and the espresso I went for coffee #1 own blend. Crisp rich taste. I always find this coffee has a slightly bitter after taste. Some people like that but I prefer to it be a bit smoother, less tang. The flat white is made perfectly, served in a rounded China mug. I move it gently from side to side to see if it pours over the edge. It doesn’t. Perfect.

A flat white should always be thick and steady so when you drink it the coffee pour through the milk giving that even kick. The espresso  was strong. Because of the bitterness I add a few spoons of brown sugar. Tastes better. There is definitely a hit.  The frappe  is amazing!!! No coffee, just cream, vanilla flavouring and caramel. Oh my gosh. The taste of caramel is so strong it’s perfect. Sometimes when you order something caramel (take my caramel latte) the hint of caramel is weak.It makes a difference but it’s  so strong and you think – shit it’s caramel. This however is so so good. Amazing for a hot day when your feeling hungry but don’t want to eat.

So I don’t finish the drinks. I can’t drink the whole espresso because I know I’ll be buzzing all day. I drink about half of the flat white and a few sips of the frappe. It’s safe to say I’m so full. So for all of what I just drank it came in just under £12. Bargain!!!!!

Anyway I have to go home now. I’m practically bouncing. Too much coffee.

So to conclude, the coffee was good, the atmosphere was encouraging and the decor was perfect. I would definitely recommend any Coffee 1 if you need head space or want to chill out with friends for a good few hours. High Street chains always use a consistent approach to their coffee – thats why they have built up such a brand because customers like me KNOW what to expect. I hope you enjoyed the diary like blog – I don’t tend to write this way but sometimes it just feels better.

Hope you enjoy.


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