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We hear everyday about the high chains and all the new products they are bringing out on the market, even when we don’t attend a cafe  we still get coffee that is usually from a mass supplier. WHY? its cheaper, good discounts and fulfillment is usually easier. Oh, and not forgetting the huge reputation that these companies have. They have connections, they have worked for YEARS and spent hundreds of thousands to build the reputation they have. How can independent companies crack through that market? I hope one day we can find out.

I want to focus here on independent coffee suppliers, local coffee farmers and uniquely branded products.


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Firstly, I want to write about a company that is close to my heart. My partner created his own coffee company about 6 months ago(how to create your own coffee company). Himself and his partner started from the very bottom. Research into the coffee market, finding the supplier, designing the label and the packaging, testing the coffee and marketing. He now vends coffee from all over the world.


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Chris Jones was raised in Pembrokeshire in West Wales. He discovered the world of business about 12 months ago. He had never worked from home, he had never heard about making money online and if you asked him 5 years ago if he would have two companies he would have laughed.  He has moved from Narberth to Whitland to Cardiff to Bristol and has experienced both country and city life. The inspiration for Chris was working his a*** off for nearly 50 hours a week in his job as a personal trainer. He did succeed in getting in to the best ranked gym and social club in the UK but the hours and the pay didn’t bring him the buzz he was looking for. It was in this gym that he met his current business partner – Joseph Burke. After talking with Joe the guys established that they had a lot in common ; the passion for wanting more in their life and similar motivated, optimistic personality they both shared. Looking back I can honestly say I have never met two guys who collectively strive for so much in their life. Joseph was already a successful entrepreneur when he met Chris. He taught Chris the ropes. He gave Chris his time. That is the most important thing anyone can give. It was through Chris’ dedication to learn and the potential Joe saw in his ideas that they established their first company together – Master Fitness Nutrition. After they had succeeded in the first months of business they decided that the online coffee market could be broken through and it was then that they created the company Jones&Burke.

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Two types of coffee beans that Jones&Burke sell are RFA Certified. I briefly explained what RFA means in my post – High Street Chains but if you haven’t read that I have provided a brief overview below. OH and just to mention, not even Starbucks coffee is RFA certified!

R A I N F O R E S T   A L L I A N C E  CE R T I F I C A T I O N:

rfa logo web

Products bearing the seal originate on–or contain ingredients sourced from–Rainforest Alliance Certified farms or forests. These farms and forests are managed according to rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria designed to conserve wildlife; safeguard soils and waterways; protect workers, their families and local communities; and increase livelihoods. Tourism businesses that feature the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal meet the Rainforest Alliance comprehensive sustainability standards for tourism.

All products that are RFA certified you will find the little green frog logo.

So back to Jones&Burke. They pay more per unit of coffee to be able to supply to us RFA certified coffee because they want to make sure they are giving back to the communities that provide us with those beautiful beans. Many business try to cut cost in the first few months to provide that safety but not here. I think this says alot about their character. They will also work towards eventually making all of their coffee Fairtrade.


The countries that Jones&Burke get their coffee from include:

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Fair to say they have a great range. Each blend tastes subtly different from the other. They have research each country and have liased with their supplier to ensure they receive the best quality beans from the best countries in the world.

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Each coffee is uniquely named after their country.Oh and did i mention that they sell both GROUND COFFEE BEANS and WHOLE COFFEE BEANS. Amazing right?!

On each of their coffee bags the strength of coffee is clearly listed so even if you dont know all the technical coffee slang you know how intense the flavour will be.

 For Example, Carnival Blend (Brazilian) is the strongest roast with a rating of 5/5 with the other coffees ranking at 3/5.

The flavours range from nutty, to sweet, from tangy, to warm, to bitter to malt -like.

They really provide us with a huge range.

Eithiopian blend is 

Carnival Blend is 100% Arabica

Indo Morning Magic is 100% Arabica

Guatemala Sunrise is 100% Arabica

Good Morning Costa Rica is 100% Arabica

Columbian Charm is 100% Arabica

Rwandan Richness is is 100% Arabica

Mexican Flare is 100% Arabica

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Jones&Burke sell predominantly on Amazon.

Type in Jones & Burke and navigate your way through. Thorough descriptions are given throughout.

With over 500 collective reviews for their products, these guys are killing it.

Congrats Jones&Burke we need more independent, dedicated companies dedicated to providing us with good coffee. If you want to check out more about Jones&Burke follow them on Facebook and follow Teammfn on Instagram.


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