The Mooring.

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15 High St, Tenby SA70 7HD.


The Mooring:

If you want an amazing cup of coffee when on holiday in Pembs, you’ve come to the right place!

As I live in the area I visit this place a few times a month. Not famed as a coffee house, The Mooring is more of a family restaurant. Just a few minutes walk from the Tenby harbour the restaurant is decorated in a slight nautical theme with neutral colours and clever trinkets. The reason I am writing about this particular place is because it does produce great coffee and it sells a selection of confectionery and breakfasts that compliment each other.

coffee 2


As you walk into the restaurant you automatically get an upmarket, homely feel. The bar area contains a glass cabinet showcasing the variety of homemade cakes on sale and the back wall  is lined with speciality teas and various soft drinks and syrups( including monin syrups, tea pigs, coffee roasts). The staff are very friendly and attentive. You can definitely sit and relax here knowing you are going to receive great service and great quality food and drink. It attracts people from all walks of life, tourists, the elderly, teens, families and so on. Always feel welcome!

coffee 4

B L E N D/ R O A S T.

The coffee is supplied by a local company – Capital Roasters. When I say local I mean literally around the corner. They roast their own coffee beans on site and their coffee beans bear the Pembrokeshire Produce certification mark. ( This identifies that the product has been made locally in Pembrokeshire and that certain criteria has been met). Great for people wanting a nice Welsh cup of coffee!

Smooth and full bodied espresso beans which is sweet enough to be drunk without adding sugar! It is also strong enough to carry its superb flavour through both cappuccino and latte. Capital Roasters have also created their own different flavours of coffee.  Using a medium roast blend of Central and South American Arabica coffees they then add nature identical flavourings to create their own range of flavoured coffees.


I have ordered a variety of coffees in the past from Mochas, Hot chocolates, Americanos, Cappuccinos and Flat Whites. Safe to say i have tried a good selection and I can honestly say that i can differentiate between each coffee. That may sound like a pointless statement to make but very often establishments that are not solely coffee houses tend to get the drinks mixed. For example, you order a flat white and get a latte with the only real difference being the glass it is served in.

Anyway, Ill focus on the cappuccino. Why not eh? Served in a standard white china mug the coffee is accompanied with a shortbread biscuit (nice touch) and always decorated with some impressive coffee art. The coffees come in one size all served with a double shot. I like this, it means the coffee is always going to provide you with that rich coffee tasting 3The foam is always consistent. Rich and smooth, easy to scoop out with your spoon – which is what a cappuccino should be! The same deep coffee taste without that jittery feeling you get with some coffee blends. I’ve been trained by a barista to make coffee and I find with double shots the foam always seems to sit better. I have no idea why but it works.

Overall, my experience has always been great. I would advise if youre looking for a chilled out coffee break with a little snack, go in the morning! The lunchtime is more for lunch and any later you will be dining with people who are eating their dinner.

Whatever you choose you know it will be good.



Location: 10

Atmosphere: 9

Coffee: 9

Food: 9



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