Why coffee? Why Hol&Coffee?


About me. I have decided to write a blog reviewing different coffees and their cafes. I want firstly, to state that I am writing this blog because I am a coffee addict. It inspires me, from the taste, to the production and the atmosphere – there are so many reasons why I love it and all of which you will you find out. I don’t want writing this to become serious and I don’t want to overthink what I’m writing. I want it to be enjoyable and honest.

Ok, so really about me. I never drank coffee until I was around 17 studying for my A-level exams. Back then it was a spoon full of Nescafe and good heap of sugar ( I always took my coffee black). As I grew older there was an increasing emphasis on the social side of coffee – it became the place to catch up with friends or reconnect with acquaintances. I then came to realise that Nescafe didn’t do it for me. In 2013 started full time work in a solicitors. I worked the 9-5 grind and would wake up every morning convincing myself I needed a treat for going to work. I needed some sort of motivation. This is where my love of coffee started.

lugano 1

I would always always always go for the high street coffee chains – I worked in the city so independents were hard to find and chains were inescapable.  Starbucks and Cafe Nero were my favourites, I never used Costa for  a few years as my first experience wasn’t great and that put me off. I always went for the standard back Americano- I was never interested in the Mochas, Cappuccinos and Lattes of the coffee world. I needed good taste, strong coffee and zero calories.


My coffee cycle stayed like this until I moved to Switzerland mid 2015. I lived in the Italian Canton of Switzerland. The locals were Italian. Italians love coffee ( not a stereotype a proven fact). The coffee was insane. There were so many types of coffee, some of the same names as we use in the UK but the style of coffee very different. Latte in Italian means milk, so asking for a latte out there would literally get you a cup of milk. Needless to say ‘Americano’ didn’t go down too well either.

I started drinking espresso with hot foamy milk on top – macchiatos. I only drank it because other people drank it and I wanted to try new things. So from an Americano to a Macchiato I started getting adventurous (queue the laughs). The coffee was so strong and almost always roasted in Italy, so authentic. Everyone seemed to be passionate about their coffee and that in turn, inspired me. Coffee was always ordered after a meal to awaken the senses and clear the palette. My love for coffee really took off.

starbucks 2


I now happily enjoy the lattes, cappuccinos, Machiattos, Espressos and Flat Whites of the world. I want to share my experiences with you. Let you decide if you’ve been missing out all these years because your still drinking the same boring latte you were 3 years ago.



lugano 2

15 minute drive from my home in Switzerland – Lago Lugano.


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